Owl Hunting for Christmas 2

These owls are trying to stealing Christmas presents from Santa. Shoot them and take the present from them. Shoot the owl with your arrows. You have 20 arrows and if you shoot the box carried by the owl, you will get two arrows as bonus and a present will come from upside. When you touched the present you will get additional points. The game is super to passing time. You will enjoy of the game’s every second.

Download Owl Hunting For Christmas free from Google play and start the hunt today!!!

It is simple and enjoyable. Your job is to shoot more owls as much as possible.

*** Easy to play.
*** Fun and addictive.
*** Fit for all ages.
*** Tap to Shoot.
*** Amazing sounds.
*** Stunning and beautiful graphics.

Have Fun and Merry Christmas!

Playing the application too much amount of time for kids or leaving the children alone with the mobil device is ot encouraged.



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