All Sounds For Kids

These sounds are so funny. Have fun with your children while learning the sounds

Sounds fun for all kids and babies.

47 different and interesting sound.
Just click the icons to hear the sounds. Playing the game is very simple for your kids. You can understand easily if the object is playing sound. All object will rotate while the sounds are playing. You have 2 options in front of you to stop the sounds. You can wait until the sound stop or simply click the object to stop sound of an icon.

You can make funny jokes to your friends with this game. Your kids will learn many interesting sound with this game. Your kids and babies will enjoy while they are listening the sounds. Your children and babies will learn the sounds of objects. Your kids and babies will laugh too much.

There are 5 group of sounds available on the home page;
1. section is for seasons sounds, in this section you can hear 4 seasons sounds.
2. section is for vehicles sounds, in this section you can hear 6 different vehicle sounds. These sounds are Aircraft, helicopter, train, car, ship and ambulance.
3. section is for fun sounds,
4. section is for animals sounds, you can play in the animal sound section 15 special sweet and cute animal sounds. There are the sounds of dog, cat, lion, frog, donkey, horse, elephant, cow, bird, hen, sheep, dolphin, monkey, bee and turkey in this section.
5. section is for musical instruments sounds.

Have Fun!

playing the application too much amount of time for kids or leaving the children alone with the mobil device is ot encouraged.


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